Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Philly Trip

Just over a week ago, I was in Philadelphia. Here are some pics from my trip. It was so great hanging out with John, Laurie, Wes, Bill, and Sarah. There is something absolutely wonderful about spending time with friends who have known you for more than a year. Thanks to all of them for being so awesome and for showing me such a good time. So, here is what we did. By the way, for some reason, I cannot use my apostrophe key without weird things happening. Thus, no contractions.

So, as I was walking through the Nashville airport, waiting for my flight, I cam across this sign overhead. I thought, "Wow, isn't that cool? They have a playground right here in the airport." I was thinking they might have a slide, some fake cars to drive, maybe even a swing or two. Nope, the picture below shows the Children's Play Area. There were two such squares of letter laiden carpet. BORING!!!

Here's Wes preparing to knock a wiffle ball over the archen wall at St. Andrews School in Middletown, DE. This wall might look familiar to fans of the movie Dead Poet's Society, as the movie was filmed there. Wes, with his huge swing, was knocking the ball over the way like Yadier Molina in game 7 of the NLCS.
Wiffle Ballo Studs

This contraption is called a Table Tap. It's 2 pitchers worth of beer in one big container. Although the tap says Bud Light, I assure you it wasn't Bud Light. It was some sort of local brew, I think. In any case, we had fun with that sitting on the table.

Here's me and my good friend, Laurie. We had a great time Sunday evening just shootin' the bull about youth ministry stuff. I have a feeling we'll be sitting around at General Assembly someday, when we're 60 years old, and still have a million things to talk about.

So, all in all, a great trip to the mid-atlantic region. My trip also included an afternoon exploring downtown Media, PA, where John and Laurie live. It's a cool place. We also played some trivia at a restaurant in Media. We didn't do so hot due to a wicked hard bonus round of questions, but we had a great time. Thanks to my good friends for good times.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vote No on Amendment 1

I received my Williamson County voter registration card in the mail while I was in Philadelphia (more on that in a later post). In the upcoming mid-term election, I will have the opportunity to cast a no vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I've ranted and raved about this issue on Renderings before, but, unfortunately, the issue keeps rearing its ugly head. I simply can't understand how legislating this kind of prejudice can have such overwhelming popular support. Why do heterosexual couples get special privileges under the law of a country that proclaims "libery and justice for all?"

My good friend, Wes Goldsberry, reminded of the ridiculous argument that homosexual marriage is like someone creating counterfeit $20 bills in his basement...that somehow, gay marriage "cheapens" heterosexual marriage. Um, OK, in that analogy, the marriage of the "straight" individual is cheapened because there are more $20 bills in circulation, thus driving down the value of the authentic $20 bill. The major flaw being that if the U.S. Mint chose to shell out the same amount of $20 bills as the counterfeiter, the value of the existing $20 bills would go down as well. In this ridiculous analogy, every single marriage in the world "cheapens" the original marriage because there are more. Basically, I have yet to hear a good, rational argument as to why gay marriage should have any effect at all on existing marriages. The marriage between two people is affected by the members of the covenant, not by every other person who is in a similar covenant. Basically, even though I'm sure that this ridiculous amendment will pass by a margin of 70/30, I'm proud to say that I'll be casting a no vote, and I encourage every other Tennessee voter who reads this to do so as well.