Friday, July 10, 2009

Too long in between posts

As often happens to me in the summer, I become busy with VBS, mission trips, youth conferences, and various other summer activities. I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in two months. Surely I've had good thoughts since then. For now, I simply have a reflection on driving somebody else's car.

This past week, I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. I spent the week with some wonderful people who showed me wonderful hospitality. On Sunday, I met my travel companion and left my car to sit for the week while we took her car on to the beach. It wasn't until I was back behind the wheel of my Fusion colored Pontiac Vibe that I realized how much I was missing the feel of my own car. I was reminded how much I enjoy driving my car. The white Camry that got us to Myrtle Beach and back was fine, but there's something about sitting behind the wheel of one's own car that's oddly satisfying.

Yup, that's all I've got today. :)