Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recycling and the new NIV

First random question of the day: Why do people throw recyclables in the trash can when there's a recycling bin right next to it?

I'm sitting at Bongo Java, one of the cool locally owned coffee shops in Nashville, and I've watched people do it over and over again. I've walked by the trash can and seen plastic cups in there. I mean, seriously. Why is it so hard? I just don't understand.

Second random question of the day: Why do some evangelicals have such a problem with inclusive language?

The top headline in the Tennessean today was about a new version of the New International Version of the Bible that's scheduled to come out in 2011. The article included interviews with evangelical leaders who were highly offended by Today's New International Version that attempted to be more gender inclusive. Um, why is it OK to blatantly ignore Greek and Hebrew for the sake of easier reading, but not OK to change brothers to brothers and sisters, or mankind to humankind? I don't get that.

So, anyone with good answers to my questions, speak up and let your voice be heard.