Friday, June 03, 2005

Finding Neverland

I watched the movie Finding Neverland this evening. What a great film! I love the way that reality blends into imagination blends into neverland. It's amazing to me that a man who has brought joy and wonder to so many children suffered so much pain in his own. There are a couple of scenes in which James Barry talks about moments in a child's life when reality presses in to such a great degree that the child disappears...the child is replaced with an adult. It makes me sad to think that that can happen to children at such a young age. It makes me so thankful that a world was created for me so that I could simply be Peter Pan and yell "Bang-a-Rang!!!" in a variety of ways. The move makes one wonder about the power of imagination and our ability to change the reality around us simply by imagining the change. Of course, there are limits to this, but it's still a fascinating idea. Is this what we do when we talk about the Kingdom of God? Is this what Jesus was doing as he both embodied and taught about the Kingdom? Does God use our faith to transform the world? Any thoughts?


katie said...

I think that you have something there...are we truly able to cahnge our reality simply with imagination? I think that Jesus teaches us that...all of the kingdom of God stories he tells have some aspect of the imaginary, some push beyond the current reality into something new and different. (who would have thought that a tiny seed would be a huge scraggly bush, or a bit of leaven could make bread rise???) Jesus saw that imagining as a reality, and thus the kingdom of god is at hand, if only we will allow ourselves to be transformed, or perhaps if only we are able to see what is already being transformed.