Friday, July 08, 2005

Me and Katie in Ft. Collins

This is me and my awesome friend, Katie Jeffries. We're sitting outside Mugs coffee shop in Fort Collins, CO near the end of our half-week of fun...kind of like a nickel bag of funk, but different. Anyway, I had a great time hanging out with her for a few days before heading over to Colorado State for the Montreat West Conference.

I'm currently in Montreat, NC getting ready to implement two weeks of youth conferences. The planning team is hard at work, and our leadership showed up yesterday. Today I'm thankful for an awesome innie team that's rockin' and rollin' with little or no supervision. God is really good...All the time. Called By Name-The Theta Version is on it's way.


Morgan said...

have fun at montreat! i hope theta rocks! i know it will! good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog (I think it had something to do with friendster and my friend Karen, whom I don't think you know but were "closely related to.). But, as I read your blog regularly, I think you deserve to know that I do.

My name is Margaret and I am from Atlanta, but now live in Baltimore. I grew up at Trinity Presbyterian and am quite an alumni of Montreat (which I loved, loved, loved as a kid). My father graduated from Columbia TS about 10 years ago.

Also, I don't know if you know Jeff and Kerri Peterson-Davis (I suspect you do), but they were the major youth leaders in my life.

Have a great time at Montreat.

Margaret (margaret dot betts at soft home (one word) dot net

Anonymous said...

Bancroft -

Hope you are well, i am so sorry i was so late and will not get to do the whole SGL thing week 3. I am coming to visit for 2 days though. i will find you somehow, somewhere!
love. peace. tiger noise.

mark said...

rock out montreat alan..glad to hear your'e having some good relaxing time before yu have to do that real life job thing..

just went and got my last stuff out of 2584..i must confess that there were no tears shed as i drove away -g- but it was a cool place for a year..if i can just re-create the football magic in columbia!

and yo, if you get a few minutes, would love for you to watch this

one of the toughest sermons i have ever preached..trying to tell my story to those im pretty sure will be somehwat hostile..