Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dreary day...great lunch

Yes, it rained all day today, got colder as the day wore on, and eventually, the precipitation turned into wintery mix that then led to snow, that is now an icy snow. I have a feeling schools will be closed tomorrow. I hate rainy days, but I did have a great lunch with Stuart from The Good Fight. What an enlightened young man. I mean, this guy has more theological chops as a sophomore in college than I probably did after a year or two of seminary. Many props to Carrie Tuttle for bringing him up right in Burlington. Kudos to Jennifer Fouse for providing an awesome space for Stuart to grow spiritually at the Presbyterian Student Fellowship of Vanderbilt University. (Yes, there are two links in the paragraph) It was a real treat to have lunch with somebody who is so fired up about God and worship styles and dialogue and listening and just trying to glorify God in his daily life. Awesome.

I am currently sitting in bed listening to one of Gustav Holst's Suites for band. I guess if I had perfect pitch I'd know if it was in F or in Eb. These pieces of music are so simple but so beautiful.

I've been on a couple of awesome dates with a great girl in the past week or so. She's sassy, funny, and a great storyteller. Good times.

Great people I thought about today: Lindsey Wade, Mark Shivers, Matt Hardin, Harold Douglas, Edith Douglas, Jeff White, Kathleen O'Connor, and Tom Katona.

I'm preaching Sunday: Mark 1:14-20. Any thoughts?


mark said...

what hits me is

"The time is fulfilled"

ive never really gotten this "in the fullness of time" stuff. ok, i know orur western mentality demands that we ask "why now?" and "why not 10 years before?", etc. As much as I try to get away from that, I still wonder, "what was that wrong about the OT system?" And if it was so wrong, "why didnt X do something about it earlier?" .. Even without the whole cosverative evangelical, "they go to hell in the ot without X untill he goes and frees them in his death" deal, still bugs me..

time is such a major factor in all our lives..in your service sunday, think of all the watches, pdas, ipods, pcs, etc., that work off of time. dominates all we do..

but what does the fufillment of time look like? i guess that means that time is moving towards something, something outside of itself, more than itself. Time finds its meaning in something more?

If that is X, some powerful implications there im thinking..

and props with the girl..awesome..and ive decided..one bell, hallejuah chorous..that will be awesome!


Patrick said...

I'm preaching on this Sunday, too,tied in with the Jonah passage. Mark, you touched on some good stuff there with the fullness of time. Tie that in with the rest of the passage, Jesus calling the disciples. Mark (the gospel writer) places such an emphasis on immediacy. Everything is "Immediately they followed him," "Immediately Jesus called them." It strikes me that Jesus' comments on the time being fulfilled are related (in a spacial and literary way) to the immediacy of his call in the lives of the disciples.

Mark, you should definitely webcast that handbell performance, as long as Brian Wren accompanies with liturgical dance.

*jcg said...

ooooooooooooh liturgical dance!

Wonder why that never caught on at Shandon?!


mark said...

how bout an mp3 of the sermon??

hope it went well