Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Kosher Trio

So, this is a picture of a new band called The Kosher Trio. From left to right, the members are Peter Awad, Jake Finch, and Alan Bancroft. We had our first gig Sunday night at the Harpeth Presbyterian Talent Show. We played Dare You to Move by Switchfoot. It was pretty fun rockin' out with these guys. They both have more talent in their respective pinky fingers than I do in my entire body. Basically, we rocked the house. :)


Mello Yello said...

Why don't you put the picture of you and your groupies on the website?

Patrick said...

Now all you need is for Wes to come in with his mandolin and you guys will be nationwide!

*jcg said...

I like the groupies shot.