Saturday, March 25, 2006

Up early on a Saturday

  • So, it's 7:15 on a Saturday morning and I'm actually up and dressed. What's wrong with this picture? I'm house/dog sitting for the Joneses and I could tell the natives were getting restless, so I got up to let everybody out. In a little while, I'm headed out to have breakfast with Biff and Mary. I really look forward to my Saturday mornings with them. They're great people.

  • This week, as I was cruising toward downtown Nashville, I got behind a car that had a sticker in the rear window that read Truman State University-Excellence is no Accident. I pumped a fist and cheered right there in the car. When I pulled up next to the car, I didn't know the person, but it's good to know that there are a few other Truman Staters hangin' out here in Nashville.
  • I close on a condo in just over a week...April 3rd to be exact. I feel like I'm making a grown up commitment here, and it's a little bit scary. Melissa Britt, my realtor, and friend, has been wonderful about explaining everything and walking me through all of the various steps. I totally understand why some people are never able to buy a home. There are so many upfront costs...appraisal, inspection, earnest money, etc. Anyway, on April 3rd, I'll be a homeowner.
  • I'm preaching tomorrow on John 3:15-17. I'm also using the Old Testament text from Numbers where Moses puts a bronze serpent on a pole so people can look at it and survive snake bites. Check it out at Numbers 21:4-9. I'm going a little bit dark...playing with fears a bit. We'll see how it goes, I guess.
  • OK, off to breakfast. I hope everyone has had a wonderful March.


*jcg said...

Congrats on the home, Alan! I'll tell you like my mom told me: You don't have to furnish/decorate it in one day. It takes time to acquire everything - you have to be patient.

I didn't believe her at first, but (as usual) she was right.

carrie & family said...

congrats! and hey, don't you ever check your email?

mark said...

nice on the house. that is quite grown up..

and chances of mp3's of the sermons? do they record them at your church??

and finally, 7:15 is way too early to be up. its been a long time since ive seen that hour on the clock for sure. i just dont know if awaking at that hour is what god desires for your life alan..



Alan Bancroft said...

Unfortunately, we don't record our services. We're hoping to get there when we do some stuff with the building in the next year or so. Our sermons are posted in written form on the church website at, but not usually until Wednesday or Thursday.

As for being up at 7:15, I quite agree with you that God doesn't like that. Just think how much God didn't like Davis's routine last year. I still don't know how he did that.

mark said...
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mark said...

Davis's routine..

We know it wasnt of God.

That only leaves one other possibility..