Saturday, July 01, 2006

Montreat West...Friday

It's Friday night, around 1:00 am, and I should probably be climbing into bed for a much needed rest, but my brain is kind of racing, so I thought I'd finish up my week of blogging from Montreat West. First of all, here are some pictures:

This is Jeffrey, Rex, and I at the last rec event. These two guys are cool cats. Jeffrey was the music leader, and he did a fantastic job. I loved his theme song. He goes to school at Belmont, so he and I will definitely be hanging out. As for Rex, well, he's the mack I always wished I was. :)

Laurie and I...Man, where to start? I had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with Laurie this week. She is such an intelligent, insightful, beautiful, thoughtful, fun, talented, funny, amazing woman. I don't think I realized how much I missed her until we had this chance to be with each other everyday. John Weicher, you are a lucky man. For what it's worth, I think she is gonna be one rock star of a co-director at Montreat West next summer. I am extremetly grateful to God for friends like Laurie.

Some girls from FPC Columbia, MO and Alan. These girls were part of the crew that made the trek out here from Columbia, MO, my hometown. It was so great to reconnect with some and meet some new members of the church that is so close to my heart. There's just something about making connections with people who are from your hometown. Somehow, I feel like there's a certain level of automatic understanding and respect. It's so great to see that the youth program back home is going so well. Big props to Nathan and Morgan See, and Jeff and Lori Fox for bringing them out here, and for being important adults in their lives back home.

Cindy Edwards (the keynoter) and I. This woman is absolutely amazing. She brought so much creativity to the keynotes. I guess I'll overlook the fact that she had me dressed as a woman three days out of five. :) It was a real honor and pleasure to share the stage with someone so fun and insightful. I'm hoping the youth who were here will take Cindy's words, skits, videos, and challenges back home and make a difference in the lives of those around them.

OK, I think my brain has slowed down enough for me to turn it in for the night. This was a great week at Montreat West. I feel rejuvenated and excited. I feel convicted to get off my duff and do some transformative work in my community. I feel excited about taking some youth to Memphis to help J. Herbert in his endeavors. I feel exhausted in a way that only happens at youth conferences and on mission trips. I feel nervous about preaching on Sunday. I feel gratitude for new friends that I've made. I feel inspired to get back home and cross boundaries.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about that.


Andy said... got to hang out with Jeffrey Harper, I'm jealous. He's definitely the man. Extremely talented musician and all around great guy. Tell him I said hello.
Hope you are able to catch up on rest.

mark said...

"I feel exhausted in a way that only happens at youth conferences and on mission trips."

on the saturday after the camp i do here in SC, i would like to give a big AMEN to that..

but its a strangely fufilling exhausting isnt it?