Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday at Harpeth

No lie, this guy was outside Harpeth this morning filming a music video with some women who've recorded a song about looking for a guy like Goober...No Lie.

I made it back safely from the collegiate conference at Montreat. It was a great conference. I hope Montreat commits to doing it again.

This evening I'm headed out of town with the members of the session of's session retreat time. I'm pretty pumped about the weekend actually. I can't wait to hear what kind of dreams and visions these folks have for our church in the coming years.

I've been trying to observe morning and evening prayer everyday (with some midday prayer in there as well) since the new year began. I haven't been totally disciplined, but carving out some time for prayer at various times throughout the day has really changed my outlook. It's funny how often the readings for a given day seem to be so perfect for where my heart/mind/or soul is at that moment in time. Anyway, I'm diggin' it.

OK, off to the session retreat.


craig said...

is that true? is that not true? is 'is that true?' even the right question? check out my blog.

Ashley said...

what is craig rambling about up here? Ha! I think you're cool

Alan Bancroft said...

it's absolutely true...big t true...Jesus is the answer and if you don't know Jesus then God doesn't know you, true... :)

Andy said... saw George Lindsey aka Goober! Awesome!