Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Missouri State Fair 2007

That's right, folks! It's State Fair time in the Show-Me state, and for one glorious day, I was there. My Mom and Dad and I loaded into the white Buick LeSabre and made the one hour trek to Sedalia, MO, the home of the Missouri State Fair. We spent the day walking from place to place, including stops at the commercial buildings, which are now air conditioned (I mean, what's up with that?), the highway patrol building, the conservation department (see pic of Smokey the bear below), the swine barn (where we saw goats being judged), various agriculture buildings, and a mule barn with no mules (sad day).

Now, as some of you may know, my favorite part of any fair is the food. Here's the rundown of the food I ate while at the Missouri State Fair:
  • Chocolate Milk at the Farm Bureau building
  • Hard boiled egg soaked in something sweet at the Poultry tent
  • Pork burger at the Pork: The Other White Meat tent
  • Funnel cake from a stand
  • Beef jerky from an agricultural building
  • Budweiser Select from the All American beer tent (lots of bad country being pumped through the speakers there)
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from the American Dairy Association building

Things noticably missing from my list:

  • Fried twinkie. Apparently these aren't as readily available as they were two years ago.
  • Huge Mountain Dew logo tub filled with Mountain Dew. I saw them being carried around but never bought one.
  • Corn dog. Had the opportunity but was full.
  • Frozen lemonade.

All in all, an excellent day at the fair. Here are some pics from the day (including one of the amazing hat that I bought).

Mom communes with the llamas

Me with Smokey the bear. Only you and all that good stuff.

My new Missouri State Fair 2007 hat. Come on, you know you want one.

Me with a red tractor. Enough said.

Mom with Otto (the Missouri Highway Patrol talking car). He remembered her.

Me and Dad having a beer.


Jerilyn said...

There is nothing like fair food. At the Kansas State Fair the corn dogs are called "Pronto Pups - A Banquet on a Stick" - needless to say, one is never too full for a Pronto Pup.

*jcg said...

they sell beer at the missouri fair?!

Rebecca said...

That green hat is super-hot!