Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday night at Fido

Well, folks...here I sit at Fido (not Fido's) at 10:00 on Tuesday night. I'm here with a friend who was in desperate need of internet access so she could finish some work. We're definitely the cool cats sitting across from each other and both typing on our laptops, although we're not totally cool because we have Dells. Here at Fido (and most coffee shops for that matter) you pretty much need a mac to be totally cool. I swear the music skips and the entire place turns to look when I pull out my Dell. It's like those Visa commercials where the guy tries to pay in cash when everyone else is using their Visa card. And no, I'm not being sponsored by Dell and Visa to place their products in my blog.

Sitting here "late" at night reminds me of freshman year of college when I spent hours upon hours "studying"/hanging out at Rockin' Java on the main square in Kirksville, MO. Rockin' Java changed names a couple of times while I was at good old Truman State University, and I'm not sure it even still exists, but it was one of my late night haunts. I mostly drank italian sodas and the occasional mocha. I'm not sure I was all that productive there, but I loved the atmosphere and it gave me a reason to take a walk and clear my head from time to time. Shout outs to Molly Nahm, Amy Maslan, Colleen Reid, and anybody else I used to go there with. I remember nights when it was snowing outside and I so didn't want to make the trek back to campus. I wished there were underground tunnels from Rockin' Java to Centennial Hall.

There's a guy over my right shoulder who looks like a portly Art Garfunkel...mostly because of the crazy hair, but also because of his nose. I wonder if he ever gets the "hey, you kind of look like Art Garfunkel." In high school, when I had hair down to my shoulders and a one inch goatee, people used to tell me I looked like the lead singer of Spin Doctors. That guy and I have both since cut our hair. I saw the Spin Doctors at a club here in Nashville last year. It was kind of surreal. I felt like more people should have been wearing army boots, blue jeans, t-shirts with a band name on them, and flannel shirts tied around their waists. Apparently that's not cool anymore.

Why coffee shops? Why are they the place to go and hang out? We didn't have the wireless free internets back in the day, but we still went to Rockin' Java to study. What's that about? Is it the groovy music? Is it the caffeine? Is it the mix of cushy chairs for those who want to lounge and the hard wooden tables and chairs for those who really need to stay awake? Yeah, why coffee shops?


introverted one said...

Art Garfunkel?

Teri said...

You definitely need a mac to be cool.

And I'm totally pointing this out to everyone else at church here so they can stop thinking that I'M the uncool one. I mean, really--a cool white laptop with a glowing apple on the cover? Awesome.

Craig said...

From someone who has written numerous papers in Fido (not Fido's) on a Dell, I know what you mean.

One time I pulled out my Dell and instantly an employee asked me to leave. And I was all like, "Hey man, its a free country."
And he was all like, "Yeah...but dude, its a Dell."
and i was all like, "Whatever, I do what I want."
And he was all like, "But your computer does not suggest that you are artsy and complex, So..."
And i was all like, "Hey man, nice arm band."

Sam said...

Jeff is totally jonsing for a Mac. Posts like this don't help -- after being on tour this summer and seeing Macs everywhere, he is totally sold. What's wrong with the Dell, I ask? Are we all really that artsy? Maybe so...as for coffee houses, I think it's the same thing as the gym - we just like being around people who are engaging in the same tasks we are. I know I do :)