Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Wednesday morning

So, usually on Wednesday mornings I sit in my chair (the one that sweet Mary Smith gave me when I first moved here) with my laptop in my lap catching up on e-mails and facebook. Sometimes I'll read or do some curriculum development or some other work stuff I can do from my chair. On winter days, I'm always thankful for the heat of the laptop on my legs as I sit there.

Well, today I exchanged the laptop for a baby. My friends asked me to watch their precious little boy while they checked out a potential school for their almost 3-year-old daughter. After a little but of eye-ing one another, little baby boy got ahold of his pacifier and drifted off to sleep. I still did some reading, but took plenty of moments to simply watch the little guy. So, on this Wednesday, here's what I had to look at instead of e-mails or facebook.
Yeah, that's way better than a laptop. :)


Jill said...

yes, so much cuter than a laptop. and keeps your lap just as warm. i think you should trade in your laptop.

Anonymous said...

Does the baby play itunes while it sleeps? I think I could maybe trade my laptop for a baby if the baby had built in speakers. and a really fast internet connection. :)

i am enjoying your blog! :)