Monday, January 19, 2009

Faith in 3D

I just spent the past few days at the Faith in 3D youth conference in Orlando, FL. It was a collaborative effort between the Presbyterian Church USA, The Episcopal Church, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Yeah, there's a joke in there somewhere. It was a good conference, and I was able to explore Disney World a bit. Here are some the thoughts I'm having now that I'm home:

  • I'm really thankful for friends I see every few years, but who seem to know me just a well (or maybe even better) than the people I see all the time.
  • I used to really hate the last day of a conference because of all the goodbyes. I was worried I wouldn't ever get to see my favorite people again. Now, it's not as if I love the goodbyes, but I've come to realize that it isn't really goodbye so much as it's see you later. I hadn't seen my good friend and mentor Keith Harris for a couple of years, but our goodbye didn't need to be teary or emotional or any of that. It could simply be an acknowledgment of mutual affection and a knowing look of "hope to see you sooner than later."
  • This was the second time this month I heard Tony Campolo speak. He makes a strong case for living a life of discipleship that's based in action. I've spent the past month wondering how it is I'm supposed to be taking a stand and affecting change in the world. Hearing him again this weekend reminded me that I need to get off my duff. I have now given myself the arbitrary deadline of February 1st to choose a cause or organization to give more time to.
  • I'm totally psyched about tomorrow, when Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. I'm excited about the message of hope and service to one's fellow human beings that he represents. I'll be watching all the festivities with eager anticipation.