Monday, February 09, 2009

Adjusting to flip-flops

The weather in middle Tennessee has been exquisite the past few exquisite that on Saturday night, after going for a 12 mile run, when I headed to Kroger to find some dinner, I broke out the flip-flops for the first time this year. I'm not gonna lie-I almost fell down two or three times. Do you ever find that it takes a little while to re-adjust to wearing flip-flops? I feel like it usually takes me about a week of wearing them to get the kinks out. I mean, I'm not complaining about wearing flip-flops in February. I'm just saying my feet were a little weirded out.


Anonymous said...

Wear Tevas. :)

bsmith said...

I never get to the point where I need that "adjustment period" b/c I wear flip flops almost everyday...really. When it's deadly cold...(meaning like 40 degrees or something ghastly like that here in Columbia), I wear clogs. But flip flops are never our of range or season for me.