Saturday, March 07, 2009

Domestics vs Imports

So, last night I went to hear some of my church members perform at a local bar/performance venue. They were awesome, as usual. Their daughter even premiered a song she had written. Only in Nashville, right? Anyway, as I looked at the beer menu I was frustrated, as I often am, to see that under the list of "Import" beers, there were plenty of beers that are brewed, bottled, and distributed all in the United States. For example, on this particular list, there was:
  • Shiner Bock-Texas
  • Sam Adams-Boston (I think)
  • Fat Tire-Colorado
  • Yazoo-Hello, this is made in a mile from the bar!
It probably shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but I think there ought to be a law or something against such false advertising. Here's what I propose for labeling such menus:
  • Beers we charge less for
  • Beers we charge more for
  • Not so fancy beers
  • Fancy beers
Any additional suggestions would be most welcome. :)


Jersey said...

crap on tap
not crap on tap

piss in a bottle