Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If I won the lottery...

Last Sunday, the always inquisitive Lucy King (3rd grader at my church) asked me what I would do of if I won the lottery. I told her I would pay off all of my debts, move to a cool neighborhood in Nashville, endow some scholarships, give a lot of money to charities, and definitely quit my job and explore mission opportunities in some random part of the world. She was very upset that I would ever consider leaving Harpeth, but that's not the point of this story.

Lucy went on to say that she would probably buy a PSP, a lot of games, maybe some new clothes and then she would give, "oh, about $500 to the church." I then asked her if she would give any money to other worthy causes, to which she replied, "You know, I think I'd buy toys for homeless children" and then proceeded to walk off with a thoughtful look on her face.

Today, as I was driving to work, I decided to amend my answer. Now it would include an endowment for my local NPR station so that as long as I'm alive, I never have to listen to another 10 days of pledge campaigns. Seriously, I would make it so I never have to hear any more encouragements to donate money on NPR. I often wonder how much local news I'm missing while they tell me how great NPR is for giving me the news and "unique programming."

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?


bsmithhill said...

I would pay off all of my debts, endow St. Lawrence Place, move to San Francisco and work at a KIPP school...that's just today's plan anyway :)
Plus, take a lot of trips to new places around the world...and start my own animal rescue facility which included a major humane education piece...and buy 1 expensive piece of art.
And lobby very hard for public education reform...
Ok, enough for now.
Hope you're enjoying doing your share of "world saving" in your corner :)

Anonymous said...

I wold hope that if Lucy won the lottery, she would help out dear old Mom and Dad.