Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Youth Group Missions

Youth Group Missions:
Where over 90% of youth report growing
closer to God!

This was part of an e-mail that I receive from Group every couple of weeks. What a funny way to advertise your "product." I mean, what are youth going to say at the end of a week? "Nope, no growing closer to God...God sucks." This just struck me as a further attempt by those of a modern mindset to quantify an experience of God. Success is measured by how many youth report growing closer to God. I'm not sure that's...oh what's the word I want...adequate? That's not the right word, but hopefully those of you reading can help me out. I mean, what does "growing closer to God" really mean? OH well, I'm obviously not very eloquent right now. I just thought it was a funny ad.


Andy said...

I understand you completely, but I am too at a loss for the right words at the moment to describe how silly and stupid the poll is...I will say that I don't think there is anyway to measure how close you are to God. God is all around so we all should be pretty close to God.
I think we are to grow in our faith and that often gets subsituted for this "your own personal relationship" with God thing because faith is too mysterious and unable to be seen for a lot of modernists.