Monday, August 22, 2005

A different view

So, tonight, as I was brushing my teeth, I realized that when I lean over the sink to spit, I always lead to the right of the faucet, you know, so I won't spit on the faucet and have toothpaste stuff all over the place. Anyway, I decided that tonight I would lean to the left side. In all honesty, it was a bit discombobulating. It was like I was looking at a different sink. I know it sounds silly, but that's how it felt. It's funny how a light difference in perspective can make something look so different. I should e-mail this experience to the emergent folks...I think they're trying to say something like, but in much more sophisticated ways.

The moral of the story: Lean the other way to spit every once in awhile.


Becca said...

I was once told by an English teacher/hippe/hero of mine that you should try to switch up your shower routine once in awhile, just to spice things up a bit. I didn't even realize I had a shower routine, but of course I do. Anyway, she's also the teacher that told us to live our lives so that if we were a TV show no one would ever get bored. Good advice, I think. She also introduced me to Birkenstocks, Tevas, The Indigo Girls and the importance of being a teacher who is laid-back and understanding. Cool lady, Ms. McCarthy...