Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tennessee State Fair

This past Saturday, I ventured out to the Tennessee State Fair. The more I attend state fairs, the more I think that the Missouri State Fair is the king of state fairs. I have to say that this one was pretty lame. Unfortunately, most of the animals had already gone home, and the remaning attractions weren't very interesting.

This picture is of a Showbot. If I ever figure out how to put video on my blog, I'll include a video of their performance. They're basically these big shiny robot looking characters who "play" funk music and dance around and tell kids to stay in school and stuff like that. If you ever get to see the Showbots, you're in for a treat. :)

I was intrigued with the cross section of people I saw at the fair. The rich soccer Moms of Brentwood probably weren't there, but other than that, I saw people of different races and socioeconomic status milling around.

If I had had more money, I might have gone in to see the world's smallest bearded woman woman or the two headed turtle or one of the other random "freak show" type things. I mean, who wakes up one day and decides, "I'm gonna travel around the country and show weird stuff to people."?

Anyway, I attended the Tennessee Stat Fair and I was less than impressed. I probably won't go next year.


Anonymous said...
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Patrick said...

When I was at Vandy, my friends and I used to go watch trashy local wrestling at the fairgrounds. There was this incredibly hot girl who always sat in the front row...she was Jeff Jarrett's cousin. We got stuck out there one night because our cab wouldn't come get us. Trust me, that's one place you don't want to be stuck at 11pm on a January night.

Anonymous said...

Did you remember what her name was? Was it Melinda?