Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Driver...Carl Edwards

That's right, NASCAR fans. My driver, Carl Edwards, won another race today. He won the Dickies 500, which puts him within 77 points of the Nextel Cup. Carl's a great guy, and I'll be rooting for him to pull out another win and take the cup. Bring home the glory, Carl! Bring home the glory!


CatPants said...

By the way, this has nothing to do with this post whatsoever, but I had noticed that you had posted about this issue in an earlier post. Prop 2 (the amendment banning same-sex marriages, "or any union that resembles a marriage") passed here in Texas, with flying colors, I might add. If I could move from this state today, I would. I'm disgusted and disappointed in people and in this state today.... Just thought you'd like to know how it turned out...

mark said...

i understand where you're coming from catpants..

but its funny..when conservative people get elected or right wing issues get passed, liberals suddenly lose that whole open-minded, understand the other viewpoint attitude that I think is one of the major strengths. It's that way as long as they are winning and want conservatives to understand them, but as soon as they are put in the position as the ones who need to understand and find solidarity with the other (republicans), they check out and revert to proposals of seperation.

I understand your post was in jest, but it does seem to be a serious issue. (not saying conservatives dont have vast problems! and do no better at this whole relating buisness)..just saying that if liberals really believe all this stuff, where does it go after conservatives win elections? why all the anger? the tensest day at seminary was the day after the 2004 election..those happy with the outcome dared not speak a word lest they be attacked..would the liberals have been as gracious in victory?

(side note: and dont give me crap about "those people" not being enlightened enough to understand the issues or realize that times have changed..i live in sc..they know exactly what they are doing. liberals must stop having a level of superiority that demeans those who vote against them..the past 10 years shows this strategy isnt working)

mark said...

brw, alan..any of that blog advice help with your youth group?

Alan Bancroft said...

As always, my brother Mark Shivers has provided all of us with some wonderful food for thought. It wasn't until seminary that I had someone stop me for saying "close minded conservative." My good friend, Lyndsay Lee (now Lyndsay Slocum), pointed out that liberals can be just as close minded as conservatives. (insert alan's head spinning and entire world taking a bit of a flip). I think that Mark's right, in that both sides love reducing those who think differently to "the other," making it easy to hate and sling mean adjectives. I'm guilty of it myself, but hopefully those who know me well, know that I really do love hearing different views and workign on them for awhile (kind of like a cow with the multiple stomachs).

For the past few days, I've been watching bits and pieces of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in which both the jedis and the sith lords accuse each other of only being concerned with self-preservation and only trusting those who think like they do. Thanks to Mark for initially pointing this out at The Shiverian. One might wonder if the jedi had been more willing to sit down and dialogue with the sith, if some of the catastrophes depicted could have been avoided. Maybe if "conservative" and "liberals" spent more time sitting with one another and truly seeking to hear more than be heard, our society might be a different place. Do I feel strongly about certain issues? yes. Does that mean people who feel strongly in opposite ways are evil? NO.

One final thanks to Mark for reminding we liberals not to be so snooty and condescending. People who vote differently than we do aren't stupid or backwards or whatever awful adjective we want to use. Thanks for the reminder Mark.

Finally, if you didn't see The West Wing last week, get a copy from someone. It was phenomenal.

CatPants said...

I really was just pointing out how it turned out and did not intend for this to get into a liberal vs. conservative. I honestly feel that this issue really goes beyond the scope of liberal vs. conservative. I know many conservatives that voted no on this issue. Personally, I actually never once considered it to be a liberal vs. conservative issue.

I am actually thrilled to see from this comment volley that there are many people who would be willing to consider both sides. I am a long-time proponent of discussion-based understanding. However, I can tell you that my sad experience living here has been that many people don't want to listen. They don't want to talk. They don't want to consider another side. They want to hold onto their belief system rather than expand it.

I think that's a shame. And I know it happens on both sides of the coin.

I am a Christian. I am a Liberal Democrat. However, I am not defined as that. My reasons for being upset and disappointed have roots far deeper than politics, on being on one side or the other.

I also know that I am a huge hypocrite for having such strong negative feeling towards people that voted for it. I claim that I want understanding and compassion, yet I am quick to condemn. That is wrong. Humans are flawed. I certainly am.

We all have a lot to learn. My firm hope is that in time we can. That I can. I know I am going to try.

I recently had posted about my spiritual journey in my life. It's been unconventional at best. But one truth that I have come across in my life, one constant is this: I know that if at any time I feel that I have completed my journey, I know that I need to begin it all over again.

This process, the results of this vote and some things that happened in my life as a result (both before and after) have made me really think about myself. When I posted this on your blog, I was still very angry. At many things. I have since come to a place where I am not angry. At anyone. Most of this came with the realization that I was doing the exact same thing as the people that I was most angry at. I was hating them. Thats when I realized I was just as wrong as the people I felt were doing me wrong. That's when I stopped.

And thought... and thought... and thought...

The journey is never over.