Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random thoughts

  • There's something great about small towns. As I was on my way to Atlanta last weekend, I stopped at a BP in a random small town somewhere in Tennessee. I purchased a "cake in a cup" coffee and a h0ney bun. The lady behind the counter only charged me for the honey bun. I mean, how sweet is that? I don't know if it was because I used my own travel mug for the coffee, or if she was just feeling nice. Either way, I chalk that up to one of the great things about small town america.
  • On my way back to Nashville from Atlanta, I heard a little segment of the John Tesh intelligence hour (or whatever it's called). He said that when girl servers write "thanks" and draw a smiley face at the bottom of a check, their tip goes up by 5%, but guys get no such love. WHAT??? All tolled, I probably wasted hours of my life writing "Thanks" and drawing a smiley face on my checks at Flat Branch. I can't believe it got me a big fat nothing. Bummer.
  • I'm headed back to the Show-Me state today. I'm looking forward to some good food and good times with the Bancroft clan.
  • Finally, my trip to Atlanta was awesome. It was great seeing seminary friends. Having dinner with them felt some comfortable. Spending time with Tom and Nicole was equally wonderful. A big thanks to them for letting me bunk out in their hotel room. It was fun lounging around with them all day on Saturday. I especially enjoyed the part of the morning when Nicole wanted Tom and me and get up, and we just layed there telling her it wasn't time yet. AWESOME!!! :)
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone can find something to be thankful for.


Patrick said...

You drew smiley faces on your checks? Wow. Yeah, that's...wow.

mark said...

words that i never thought would go together:

john tesh : intelligence


ridgeway, the closest town to camp which i drive through everyday (1 stoplight) had the pig on the ridge one weekend. They brought out all these pigs and people cooked them..things you can do in a small town..