Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, folks, after waiting so patiently, here are the After pictures of my place. I didn't get them taken before I moved in, so I had to wait until I had things in a relative state of order. Of course, those who know me, now that my place is never really what you would call "tidy," but at least there aren't too many piles of stuff on the floor. :) As you can see, the paint really lightens up the place and the new floors are wicked awesome. I look forward to hosting any of you want to come and hang out in Nashvegas for a few days.

View from back door

Living Room from corner

Living Room from front door

Guest Bedroom/Office

Dining Room

Master Bedroom


Robert said...

A few observations:

-The paint and floors looks great!!!!

-Those columns are really cool looking (and will come in handy for bachelor parties j/k)!

-As if the lack of pictures on the wall doesn't give it away, but it is very apparent that a 'bachelor' lives here (this is a good thing). The main identifier of a good bachelor pad is a leather lazy boy. Take advantage of it because when you get married it will be a thing of the past.

-Despite my praise on your 'bachelor pad' decorations, I have to call you out for the Mickey Mouse figurine on your bedside table. My advice, put that back in a box and in your attic until you are married and have kids and then pass it down to your offspring.

All in fun,


Robyn Keeney said...

Looks like a nice place, Alan. I must diagree though with Robert's assessment slightly. The main sign that this is a bachelor pad is the folding chair in the bedroom.

Isn't it great to be a home owner? It's even better at tax time....

bonnie. said...

Alan, it looks great. You just need to clean and decorate it, thats all.
Man, whoever helped move you into that place must be GREAT GREAT people. :D.