Friday, May 05, 2006


Here are some pictures of my new place before I painted and before new floors went in. The floors are being put in right now, so next week, I'll post some pictures of the finished product.

Guest Bedroom (more baby blue than it looks in the picture)

The Kitchen
Master Bathroom (yes, it's Pepto Bismol colored)

Master Bedroom

Dining Room and Back door to patio

Dining Room

Living Room


Beth said...

It looks great...I hope that everything turns out like you want! Owning a home is fun, but can be a lot of work. Good luck!

mark said...

are you gonnna wire a tv for the bathroom so you dont have to miss anything?


noell said...

sweeeeeet! i especially love all the paint samples on the wall and the fact that your bedroom is the same color as your blog background. have fun doing house-y things friend!