Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's a silly thing

Weather really is a silly thing. Here I sit on the porch of Bongo Java next to the campus of Belmont at 8:30 pm on December 11th and I'm wearing short sleeves because it's something like 65 degrees outside. Meanwhile, folks back in Joplin, MO are still without power because of snow and ice storms over the weekend and continuing sub-freezing temperatures. Wild stuff.

So, yesterday I was driving to work and I was eating an apple and I had a thought (yes, only one). I wonder if talking on my cell phone while driving is really any more dangerous than eating an apple while driving. I mean, while I'm on the phone, the phone stays stationary, and I'm able to watch the road. But, when I'm eating an apple, I'm always looking down to figure out where to bite next. I just kind of wonder.


Teri said...

You know, Alan, I was wondering this myself the other day when I was driving while eating a lovely organic granny smith. Not only was I looking at it all the time, when I was done I had to figure out what to do with it! Then I was seriously not focused on the road or the snow that was falling on it.
I suspect that eating is more dangerous than talking on the phone, regardless of what one is eating, while driving. but maybe that's just me and a slightly scattered attention....

Craig said...

talking to an apple on your cell phone while driving is really,really dangerous.