Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Somebody has to be on the take

Seriously? The Cotton Bowl? Kansas goes to the Orange Bowl? Tell me how Kansas gets a better bowl game than Missouri when MISSOURI KICKED THEIR JAYHAWK TAILFEATHERS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! I seriously don't understand. We got hosed. Somebody must be on the take. Seriously.


Craig said...

Yeah that is a hose job, but so is the BCS in general. Do you think it is because of an unbias computer that the two most massive and beloved (by the media) programs ended up playing for the title game? No, the BCS exist to ensure that that the media gets the best possible game for the championship.

But even they cannot control everything. Like last year when Boise State made it into a BCS bowl, everyone was about to march on the capital. Well, that ended up being possibly the greatest college football game ever.

My point is that people don't think Mizzou is any good, they never thought they were any good this year. This is because people (coaches and media) did not vote Mizzou in the top 25 before the season. The teams they did vote for keep appearing in the rankings no matter what happens. But teams like Mizzou or KU had to force everyone's hand by not losing at all, until the very end, and like in Mizzou's case, when they lost all the voters were like, "yeah, I knew they werent any good."

At least you arent a Hawaii fan. They havent lost in like 50 years and can't play for the title.