Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mixed feelings about this Miers thing

I have some thoughts on the Miers situation:
  • First, I don't buy the conspiracy theory. I don't give Bush enough credit. I really think that Bush thought he had enough political capital saved up to be able to appoint someone with no record as a judge for the supreme court, simply because he felt good about the person. It sounds naive, but somehow, that's the vibe I get.
  • I feel bad for Harriet Miers. Did she feel competent to be a supreme court justice? I don't know, but I imagine that when the President of the United States asks you to do something, you say yes. I imagine she feels hurt, and maybe a little bit betrayed. I imagine she trusted Bush to know what he was doing, and apparently, he didn't. I was reminded of my days in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity when a group of brothers convinced me that I should run for pledge educator. They assured me that there were a number of people in the fraternity who were looking for a change. Nope. I put myself out there and lost the vote. Yeah, I feel bad for Harriet Miers.
  • I'm a little bit pissed that the criticism from some republicans and members of the religious right had to do with whether Harriet Miers was conservative enough. What about whether she has the proper credentials? What about whether she's a person who will hear cases and judge fairly? What about her integrity as a person? I'm getting enraged just thinking about the absurdity of it all. "She just isn't conservative enough." What the hell does that mean? Is that what we've come to in this country? What the hell does conservative or liberal really mean? Is that what we want in supreme court justices...totally conservative or totally liberal? I thought they were supposed to hear cases individually and judge fairly by the merits of the case presented.
  • It's unfathomable to me that people from "the right" are now criticizing Bush for not being conservative enough. What? Are you kidding me? When are we going to quit playing the blame game? When are we going to quit looking for ways to criticize "the other guy?" When will our elected officials start acting like those pursuing what John Calvin called "the highest calling" and quit acting like little kids who demonize anyone who roots for the "wrong" team? I'm just wondering.


*jcg said...

What I don't understand is why anyone assumes that the woman (or any nominee) will continue to vote conservatively or liberally. Seems all one would have to do is cater to the most influential side to get confirmed, and then do what the heck they want to when they get on the Court. I, too, thought the purpose of the Supreme Court was to hear cases individiually and rule based on the case presented to them; not to rule based on the ideals of those who got you confirmed.

I do wonder what Bush was thinking; he knew the committee would want records, proof of her judicial philosophy, etc. Did he not look at what records he had (the "You're the Best!" cards, etc.) and realize the media would have a field day? Whatever political capital Bush gained in the election, he's overspent it all... and I think that's blatantly obvious to the White House now.

Ultimately, I do feel sorry for Harriet Miers. Because of said media field day, she's been made to look both a fool and an idiot. I am not so sure she is either.

noell said...

i think bush is pretty dumb. yeah. beyond that i agree that more than likely if the president (though probably not this one) asked me to do something (within reason), i too would say yes (who says no to someone who could have them locked up for any reason under the sun and have it fall under the patriot act?)

i'm tired of the whole liberal conservative thing. middle of the road represents more people for one. and you are absolutely right, we should evaluate whether or not she would be able to make fair and ethical decisions, without the influence of parties, big money honchos, or anything else out there.

still, i think bush is an idiot. and i think a judge on the supreme court should have some experience in the field.

i always love hat you have to say alan. that must be cause you're the best!