Thursday, October 13, 2005

They're at it again

Well, I see that folks in Texas are working for a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. I mean, are there no other pressing issues for their legislature to deal with? Do we not have people without homes after hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Are young men and women not dying daily in Iraq? It just makes me so very sad that people spend their time and energy working so hard to keep people who love each other from professing it in a public way. This Texas amendment will also include a clause prohibiting the creation of any similar legal status with a different name. I mean, what's the rationale behind that? Don't give me that "sanctity of marriage" bullshit and then prohibit similar legal rights with a different name. Just admit that you think gay people aren't entitled to the same justice and equality that heterosexuals are. "Oh, I'm not prejudice, I just don't want homosexuals redefining marriage." Fine (well, not fine, but we'll move past that), but why not an equivalent way to join with another person whom you love? Use your brains people. Division of church and state anyone?


Patrick said...

Did your church get a copy of the report of the taskforce on peace, unity, and purity of the church? 50 pages bound in a color, glossy cover, sent out to every PC(USA) church in the nation. Am I the only one wondering how much money it cost to put that together and send it out? Money that could have gone toward disaster relief or (God forbid) helping hungry people!

Kendal Land preached a great sermon on this debate while he was at Rock Spring. He used the 1 Cor. 8 food for idols text. Said that this debate is the food that we are sacrificing to idols. The church has become so consumed by it that it has become our new god. People think the church exists to take a stand one way or the other on homosexual ordination and marriage. He took some pretty harsh criticism afterward, but I can't say that I have ever heard it put better.

I know that this is an important matter, because real people's lives and futures are at stake. But I agree with you, Alan, let's use some freaking common sense. We all know why conservatives don't want this to happen. It's because they're all closet homosexuals to begin with, so they loathe themselves. They then project that self-loathing onto others who aren't afraid to come out. They hate gay people! Just like liberals hate America!

I myself hate getting shocked everytime I touch a door knob/handle when the weather turns cold. But you don't see me proposing any constitutional amendments.

imissbill said...


I love that you not only, in my opinion, "get it", but that you're brave enough to say so.

How many times will we have to hear messages of hate from the pulpit disguised as gospel? It's been called cowardice, a cop-out, fear, ignorance, etc., but all it really is , is hate- pure and simple. Ministers can't preach a sermon of love while spewing antiquated theories of homosexuality as a choice. It just doesn't fly anymore.

You say that the legislative form of homophobia is a waste of time and energy. Sadly, so is my effort to reverse it. It's taken me years to accept that. Only God can soften hearts.