Monday, October 17, 2005

Pujols is the Man!!!!

That's right, folks. Bottom of the ninth, two outs, nobody on, and the Cardinals come to life. Eckstein slaps a base hit...Edmonds draws a walk...and then Albert Pujols breahtes new life into the St. Louis Cardinals (while knocking the breath out of the Astros at the same time). They're headed back to St. Louis to dispense of the dirty rotten Astros.



Patrick said...

Holy cow, Alan. What is going on in your comment section?

Anyway. That was one hell of a home run. I thought that ball was going straight through the outfield wall, into the parking lot. He LAUNCHED that thing. Can you imagine Brueggemann (the huge Cardinals fan that he is) screaming in his living room after that? I bet he was running around like he was riding a horse, screaming, "That's SOOOOOOO JEWISH!"

mark said...

yo alan..

looks like you been comment spammed..may want to turn on authentication in your blogger options..good way to stop it..

i was going nuts last night..cardinals had so many chances throughout the freakin glad that they pulled this one out..

they're already talking that this could be a historic collapse by the stros..



Dan S. said...

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Anyway, yeah that 9th innning was ridiculous. I've never seen such a dramatic change in a stadium atmosphere before. Wow.

Alan Bancroft said...

Word Verification is now on. That was ridiculous. Spammers strike again.

Thanks for the comments, fellas. Was that inning ridiculous or what? The crowd was celebrating like they'd already won and the announcers were getting all nostalgic and acting like the Astros were headed to the world series. I guess nobody told Pujols and the Cardinals they were supposed to roll over. I woke up today still feeling pumped. The world is definitely a better place when your team wins.

*jcg said...

There is no joy in Mudville today (10/20/05).

Sorry to see the Cardinals are out this year, Alan. Hey, if you were a Cubs fan like the Goodwins (or Gamecocks, for that matter), you could adopt the "There's always next year" mantra. It's worked well for us since 1918.

(PS - the Guatemalan Super Viagra comment almost made water shoot out of my nose.)