Thursday, December 16, 2004

Another semester down

  • That's right seminary fans, the fall semester is over. I have successfully completed all assignments and taken all final exams. The Ethics finals felt pretty good, but we'll see how it turns out. Some of my work here at the end of the semester was a little shaky, but overall, it was a great semester. It feels good to be done for a bit.
  • On Monday night I went to Sweetwater to celebrate Laurie Taylor's Birthday. See the attached pictures above. Fun times were had by all. It really is a great deal. For $5 you get a pint glass to keep and tickets for fine Sweetwater product. Unfortunately I didn't get the Festive before it ran out. Maybe next year . :) Anyway, it was cool to hang out with those folks.
  • Last Thursday I got to spend some time with some Cavalier buddies. It's always good to sit around and talk about the glory days. :) Thanks to Jud, Lance, Neal, Patrick, and of course Courtney for good times.
  • I'm headed home to Columbia, MO for Christmas in a few days. While home, I plan on sleeping and eating alot, while also reading and getting some PIF stuff ready to go. As soon as I meet with the CPM, I'm hoping to circulate to some churches I've been looking at online. Ah, the seductive power of the CLC.
  • I saw Ocean's 12 last night. I liked it. I always leave movies like that wanting to be a thief. They make it seem so fun and exciting. I feel like I'm a pretty smart guy...I mean, I should be able to pull off a heist of some sort. I'm not sure that a felony theft charge would help me as I look for jobs in churches, but it still might be kind of fun. I have a feeling that most of the thieves out there aren't the master thieves portrayed in the movies. Many people who steal have probably run across hard times and don't see any other way of getting what they want and/or need. There's a quite a wide spectrum between Jean Valjean and Danny Ocean.