Saturday, December 11, 2004

CTS Football

  • That's right folks! The paradigm shift bowl at Columbia Theological Seminary was a big success. I made my way back onto the football field for only the third time I've played all semester. That dislocated pinky finger kept me on the DL for awhile and then I just got into the school work. Anyway, yours truly ended up with a defensive touchdown. That's right...I picked off a tipped ball and ran it straight into the endzone (no need to mention that I was only about 10 yards from the end zone when I intercepted it). :) It was a good time. The Elect ended up trouncing the Reprobate 3-0. Fun times in the mud.
  • Last night was the CTS Christmas party. There was an interesting mix of folks. It made me happy that five of us from the entering class of 2001 were representin'. It's definitely been strange to be at school this year without the regular crew. I still walk into class half expecting to see Hardin, Weicher, Dan, Lyndsay, or even Phildo.
  • Tonight I'm going to a dinner party of sorts. Sounds kind of grown up if you ask me. Ashley and Rebekah Lamar are hosting. It'll be a bunch of married people and Carrie Simpson and me. As long as we don't talk about babies too much I'll be happy.
  • This past week was pretty rough. I feel like I've been hanging on for dear life. Of course, I make some bad time management decisions, but in the end, I think spending time with friends is always worth losing some sleep.
  • Well, time to wrap my ornament and get on to the party.