Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Nice Swipe

What a funny world we live in. I made a purchase at a department store today, and after I swiped my credit card, I received a flashing message that read, "NICE SWIPE." I thought, "Wow, what a nice, affirming machine." It's good to know that I'm a good credit card swiper. I'd like to know why more stores don't have affirming machines. When I'm done pumping gas, instead of merely asking me if I'd like a receipt, I'd like the pump to say, "You're great at pumping gas." After depositing money at the bank ATM, maybe it could say, "Good job sealing the envelope buddy." OK, so maybe it would get ridiculous after awhile, but I've enjoyed thinking of all the possibilities. I hope everyone is having a good week in between Christmas and New Years.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog thing is totally the best thing I've ever seen. I think everyone should have a blog so that people can read what's going on in people's lives and see pictures and stuff. Alan-you have totally changed my views of blogs, especially this last post, just brilliant, words cannot express the way it has changed me.
you know I'm kidding, it's very enjoyable, now you know two people are reading

noell said...

you crack me up... oh to live in a world of total affirmation....