Saturday, December 04, 2004

Wrapping up the semester

Again, it's been quite awhile since I've blogged. I have one more week of classes in the fall semester and then a final week (I only have one). This past week was pretty stressful. I turned in a lot of work...probably not my best work of all time, but at least it's done.
Tonight I'm eating dinner with the Shandon Youth PNC. It should be fun to catch up with everybody. I hope they've had a good day of interviewing. I was hoping to show them that there are plenty of capable people out there who aren't named Alan Bancroft. After dinner I'm going to an organ concert...It's a Saturday night, college championship football is on, and I'm going to an organ recital. Funny enough, it sounds great at this point.
My good friends Emily and Noell were in town last night. We went to Brick Store. It was great to hang out with a different crowd for a change. I love to mix it up. I drank a beer there with the words nectar, nut, and brown in the name. It was absolutely fabulous...must go back for more.
I wish I had something wonderful and profound to say, but I haven't been feeling very profound lately. Too many papers I suppose. Anyway, I can at least say I blogged in December.